Recognising the future trend of the retail industry, we have taken proactive initiatives to nurture more entrepreneurs to transform their businesses to reach out to the international markets through both online and offline channels.

Eiffle ACE Berhad is the operator of OMNIACE; the Omni-Channel Retail Acceleration, Collaboration and Exhibition Hub based in Berjaya Times Square, right in the center of the KL City. This is a collaborative project between Eiffle ACE Berhad, Pasarnita and iShare.

OMNIACE is a 25,000 square feet facility that is fully equiped with all the necessary insfrustructure for entrepreneurs and startups to run their businesses.

Among the facilities available within OMNIACE includes retail kiosks, co-working spaces, cafe & lounge, seminar hall, exhibiton hall, meeting rooms and creative studio.

All entrepreneurs within OMNIACE will gain access to these facilities as well as be powered by the iShare’s Sharing Economy 2.0 ecosystem and revenue sharing platforms.