iShare innovative business model offers a convenient and rewarding omni-channel retail platform for consumers to shop, share and earn.

iShare Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is operating iShare’s universal revenue sharing and loyalty rewards mobile app platform known as iShare7.

iShare7 is a fintech mobile app to empower the offline retail industry with a universal revenue sharing and loyalty platform that will help them to boost traffic, conversion and profits. At the same time, we are creating an ecosystem whereby every consumer can earn a passive income when they spend and share by utilizing the iShare7 app.

For Consumers, iShare7 is a convenient and rewarding universal loyalty rewards platform for all offline purchases.

For Offline Retail Merchants, iShare7 is a powerful and accurate universal marketing solution that uses Big Data Analytics to boost traffic, conversion and profits by helping merchants identify and reward their best customers and create alliances with other businesses.